About the Work

Perspective Mapper’s mission is to provide a platform for our cultivation of greater self-awareness…and ultimately, self-realization. This, I believe, is not only the path to uncover real solutions to our challenges, but the very purpose and reason of our life.

Who are We really? And what does it mean to be truly aware of ourselves?

On the surface, this clarity is on our goals, outlook, beliefs, and priorities. On a deeper level? It’s clarity of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Even deeper? It’s our relationship to conflicting perspectives. And on the deepest level? It is who We are, as Soul, Spirit, or Truth itself…and our connection with the Divine.

We explore this journey through the services we offer, as well as content and maps we create from all of our unique insights together.

This work has been through many turns and spinoffs. However, I’m consolidating my efforts and work under the Perspective Mapper banner once again starting September 1st, 2018.

Earlier versions of this work exist on different sites (including Perspective Mapper v1, Internal Depth and other sites). I plan to fold many of my other efforts back into Perspective Mapper over the coming weeks.

About Me (Ranjeeth)

I’ve spent my education, work and much of my life in study, contemplation, meditation, journalling, and dialog to cultivate greater connection to my Deeper Self.

I’m a highly committed, highly imperfect, human being doing his best to uncover Our true nature.

I believe what’s essential is not our qualifications, but our perspective. How we see, process, experience, and evolve as a human being is what’s interesting, and what’s enriching, for each other.

I don’t give weight to stuff like ranks, titles, names, affiliations or awards in describing myself. At least for this particular work. Suffice to say¬† that in addition to intense introspection, I have some wonderful experiences working in and with corporations, non-profits, media, technology, startups, entertainment, and academia over the course of my life.

I hope that my work on this site will give an idea of who I am, and more importantly, who We all really are.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Analyst

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