Project History

I have recently rebooted my efforts in late 2018, starting over with my plans with a more evolved outlook.

However, this work does represent my life work. On this site, I will consolidate much of my previous work, consolidating my content from previous sites.

(This includes,,, and an earlier version of and

About Me (Ranjeeth)

I’ve spent my education, work and much of my life in reflection on our Deeper Self. I’m a highly committed, highly imperfect, human being doing his best to uncover our True nature.

I believe what’s essential is not our qualifications, but our perspective. How we see, process, experience, and evolve as a humans is what’s most interesting and enriching.

I don’t give much weight to ranks, titles, names, affiliations or awards in describing myself or perceiving the value of each other. Especially for this particular work. Suffice to say that in addition to intense introspection over the course of life, and going through a large stretch of disability, I have some wonderful experiences working in and with corporations, non-profits, media, technology, startups, entertainment, and academia.

I hope my work can give a glimpse of who I am. That said, please feel free to visit my website for a fuller perspective on who I am.