We have a 60 minute conversation with you about your perspective.

We delve into your full perspective, in breadth and depth.

This includes your perspectives of work, lifestyle, relationships, health, politics, and connection with deeper Truth.

After each session, we create a map and/or report that describes your perspective in a structured form.

What does a Session Provide?


  • ENRICHING CONVERSATION: Precise, non-judgmental, caring conversation where we get a chance to discuss how you relate to the world. We have what some have called the deepest conversation they’ve ever had.


  • BROADER PERSPECTIVE:  Get clarity on how others perceive your presence, words, and actions. Learn to make space for, or synthesize, alternate points-of-view you might not have considered before.


  • SELF-PORTRAIT: receive a beautiful Perspective Map and/or thorough Perspective Report that contains details of who you are. You can use this for reference for future life planning or decision-making. If you have a personal religious, business, legal or psychological framework, we can work with you to flesh it out in detail to check your level of alignment. We also can conduct research and reflection on your behalf.


Is this for you?

We ask you trust your intuition…and reevaluate after each session.

Clear Expectations


  • We play the role of your peer, not therapist or guru.
  • We seek to explore who you are and how you relate to others, through your own perspective.
  • We bring the back of your mind to the front of your mind. You get clearer from within yourself.
  • We start with one, and recommend two sessions, to establish baseline perspective. Further sessions go deeper and broader.

If you’d like more details on benefits, click for a thorough list of benefits.

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Ranjeeth Thunga