List of Benefits

More details of Benefits

Basic Value of Dialog

The primary benefit of mapping is the conversation we have.

  • You feel heard.
  • You feel understood
  • You learn about yourself.
  • You discover what moves you.
  • You see broader perspective.
  • You see new angles to your conflicts.
  • You think more clearly.
  • You feel better.

Basic Value of Map and Report

The secondary benefit is the actual map itself.

  • Reference for your self
  • See new angles to your problem
  • Centerpiece for discussion
  • Show your boss, family, or friends who you are

Scenarios where Mapping can Help

  • Survive and thrive with your one-of-a-kind personality.
  • Embrace different work and communication styles in the workplace.
  • Facilitate negotiation between different parties.
  • Resolve political and ideological clashes.
  • Develop self-awareness and self-respect.
  • Cultivate empathy and respect for others.
  • Deter psychological or physical abuse.
  • Foster harmony in marriages and partnerships.
  • Know when to make space in dysfunctional relationships.
  • Handle inner conflict with maturity and composure.

More detailed benefits…

In more detail, I list various ways to apply and benefit from the mapping process below.

Additional Benefits of the Dialog

  • Reveal aspects of your life, work or relationships you might not have considered.
  • Feel heard, feel understood, feel valued…without feeling scrutinized, judged, or advised.
  • Have a safe, trusting, comfortable dialog.
  • Have space to express your mind and heart.
  • Discuss any and all areas of your life and work from a fresh angle.
  • Unravel the source of your inspiration and passion.
  • Have confidence that your perspective will be taken seriously, reflected on and respected.
  • Have a dynamic, compassionate and intelligent conversation.
  • Enjoy the suspense of unearthing never-before-tapped areas of your soul.

Additional Benefits of the Map & Report

  • Systematically chart your life, work, and relationships.
  • See a clear angle and outlook of your own life.
  • Find your own next actions and projects.
  • Show to others an “official diagnostics report” of your perspective.
  • Share the report with your advisers, mentors, managers, coaches, and partners.
  • Feel a greater center of gravity and weight in your own perspective.
  • Reflect on the map for continuous self-development, understanding and realization.
  • Review the map and report before making major life decisions.
  • Use the map to help create your own maps and reports.
  • Hone-in on blindspots and hotspots in your life.
  • Hone-in on the potential of your soul.
  • Present yourself clearly to others.
  • Enjoy the aesthetic of the map and report, created with love and care. 🙂
  • Have dialog and conversations that are more sharp and targeted.
  • Have a centerpiece for resolving conflicts between parties.
  • Understand each other by reviewing a copy of their map.
  • Sharpen your motives and intentions.
  • Think and feel more precisely.
  • Chart out your own course of action
  • See how your perspective evolves and matures over time.
  • Compare your actual life to your id


  • Increase clarity in one’s perspective
    • Can help with handling one’s emotions and stressors better
  • Bring out ideas forward
  • An open, judgement free area that one can express their opinions, feelings and thoughts
    • Someone who is removed from your life and has an outside view, can help give you a different perspective on issues
  • Can encourage expansion of one’s own thoughts and experiences
  • Session can maybe help sort out current issues one is dealing with or prevent future issues
  • You might feel more supported and less lonely
  • Help you express yourself better
  • Encourage more mature thinking and thought processes