Change and Transition

Change and Transition -- from Canterbury TalesUnderstanding our experience of change is central to wisdom, and universally applies to all manifestation. The synonyms of change — cycles, vibration, turning, and anicca — all highlight different facets of a universal super-understanding.

Change occurs in the form of health, of seasons, of mood, of status, of capacity, of looks, of relationships, of knowledge, of security, of finances, of the world and universe itself, and the sensations in our body. All of these facets seem to peak, seem to trough, and never stay fixed.

It’s easy to understand the logic of change on an abstract level. However, prime meditation involves realizing change moment-to-moment. It involves awareness of the transition process itself from one state to another state. It’s in this apparent transition that the universal truth is realized: there is ultimately no separation between one state and it’s follow-up state.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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