Conflict’s Essentiality

When we think of conflict, we immediately assume the best solution is to somehow ‘resolve’ it. While I’m forced to use the word ‘conflict resolution’ to describe the project, it actually isn’t at all the best choice of words. The attempt at conflict resolution is itself generally the problem.

That might sound like heresy, but it becomes clearer and clearer as I continue this project that this is the case.

The focus on this project, and the research conducted within, is conflict awareness – the explicit mapping out of conflict itself. Why? Because we realize that conflict is essential to the fabric of humanity, and essential to our very sense of being. It is conflict itself that is the source of insight.

What we’re hoping to do is express conflict in a more mature way. Thus, we hope we don’t have to resort to killing each other because conflict, nor ruining each other’s livelihoods. What we can do is learn to benefit and grow from the conflict itself.

Ranjeeth Thunga