Core Desire vs. Assumed Desires

The Craving - PDThere is an essential distinction between our core desire and what we assume it to be. Ignorance of this distinction leads to much suffering.

Our core desire is the force or energy within us moving our life. The defining characteristic of core desire is that its form independent — it works within and through whatever life circumstances (karma) we are in, moment to moment, irrespective of circumstance or manifestation.

Our assumed desires, on the other hand, are form dependent — they involve specific goals, ideations, or fantasies we fixate on and assume we must acquire, go through, or accomplish in a certain manner. It does not work within and through any life circumstances we are in, but rather within a narrower set of possibilities.

Though founded on some level of ignorance, assumed desires are still important in providing a rough roadmap for our core desires to explore. However, the illusion of assumed desire must ultimately be broken apart and seen through as well.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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