Curiosity and the Double-Edge

Like many concepts we encounter in our life journey, curiosity is double-edged.

Curiosity can take us away from our center of gravity, having us lose ourselves in the whims and vagaries of flighty thoughts and impulses. It can also lead us further and farther in understanding and establishment of our core self.

So what is it? And how do we distinguish?

Well…there is no easy answer to this question…precisely because the notions of good and bad, healthy and unhealthy, are inadequate to account for how things work in our life at a deeper level.

What might appear to be insightful or invigorating inquiry at first might lead to an energy drain and depletion later. Or, on the other hand, what might appear to be debilitating and destructive information solicitiation ends up giving us a valuable, if not essential, lesson on our life path.

So, there is no way of mapping out in advance where our curiosity will lead. However, we can and owe it to ourselves to see through the curiosity itself. Ultimately, that curiosity is teaching and showing us real value for our lives, though it might not mean a specific object tied to our preconceived goals or vision. There ultimately is a higher purpose that curiosity is serving, and that is the journey of seeing through the curiosity itself. The gold naturally manifests as curiosity itself is transformed.

Ranjeeth Thunga