Cycles and Meditation

father, mother, and babyThe universe is composed of cycles — everywhere we turn is a cycle. Day cycles, year cycles, birth cycles, sleep cycles, life and death cycles, and of course breathing cycles.

Realizing the cyclical nature of universe cycles is perhaps the key insight of meditation — this is wisdom. On the contrary, getting caught up in a cycle is the very definition of ignorance.

In meditation, any cycle can serve as a catalyst for wisdom. It could be a music beat, heart rhythm, or the 24 hour cycle. The cycle that many meditations are founded on is the breath cycle.

Why is this? It is because breath is universal, it gives just enough time for a moment of manifestation to occur,  just enough time for a moment of transcendence to occur. Further, it is always happening, and is subtle enough not to be invasive in life.

Ensuring a full cycle is awareness within a meditation practice is essential, and breath could be your best bet.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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