Desire – Tainted vs. Pure

heartTraditional meditation heavily marginalizes desire. Even when acknowledged, it is given a secondary place, as if we have to see through it, as if somehow it gets in the way of transcendence.

I find, however, that desire is our core. It represents our essence, our purpose, our defining perspectives, and our life energy. I feel this lack of understanding is one of the greatest blindspots in many traditional meditation practices.

Desire is given a bad rap because it is often tainted with ego, which further taints it with the need for specific results. Thus, I distinguish ‘pure’ desire from ‘tainted’ desire. ‘Pure desire’ transcends ego, and is not bound by specific manifestation, expression, quality or behavior. ‘Tainted desire’ is ego, and is bound by specific circumstances or manifestation.

Tainted desire is not to be condemned – it’s simply immature and requires purification. What then purifies desire? Pain. Pain can sublimate tainted desire by transforming it into pure desire. Pure desire I consider not only good, but also our divine movement, not just for us, but for the entire universe.

A final note: ‘Desire’ could well be seen as synonymous with ‘gradient’ and ‘sweetspot’ I mentioned earlier…again, a matter of vantage point.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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