Dismay at Other Perspectives

It’s a near universal human tendency for us to get upset when we hear perspectives that seem to conflict with our own. Even those specially trained to keep their emotional outbursts at bay get subtly dismayed when their perspective has been contradicted.

Ok so what’s going on here? Our ego at play, of course.

Our ego’s job is to assert a perspective. That’s what it does. Our ego isn’t necessarily ‘bad’ — and unlike many futile spiritual efforts to do so, it never, in my opinion, can ever be destroyed.

What’s the solution? Maturity. Mature our ego by training it to realize how our perspective plugs into the world, not overrun it. Mature our ego by training it to see how our own perspective itself changes over time, often in fact changing into the very opposite perspective.

Through maturity and awareness, without stifling our ego, we learn to transcend the automatic disappointment we so often have when we hear different perspectives. This is the only viable path towards collective harmony.

Ranjeeth Thunga