Dropping Thoughts — Misses the Boat

Eckhart Tolle’s message of ‘dropping thoughts’, along with many other pop-spiritual teachings of dropping concepts, thoughts, ideas, and beliefs, ultimately is a distorted one.

Supreme wisdom is the realization that thought and no-thought are non-separate. This is a relating process more than a dropping process.

Non-separation isn’t realized by dropping thoughts or projected barriers. Non-separation is realized by relating thought to no-thought.

That’s one area that the whole pop-spiritual movement misses the boat on. This leads to spiritual pursuit itself becoming a perversion of life.

Perhaps this ‘dropping’ is a necessary step along the journey…perhaps not. Nonetheless, some ancient teachings capture the highest truth, like the Zen 10th Ox Stage, and much of Nagarjuna’s work. These teachings bypass the dropping (or adding) of anything.

Nagarjuna says the following:

“Where there is neither an addition of nirvana nor a removal of samsara; There, what samsara is discriminated from what nirvana?