Fear and Want vs. Genuine Respect


(thx Louis C. B. for the Andy Griffith quote) http://retrogasm.tumblr.com/…/9515064…/andy-taylor-said-that

People treating each other kindly can either be out of fear or out of respect. I’ll add a third one…people might want something, such as approval, acceptance, sexual favors, or money.

So it’s fear, wanting something, or genuine human respect why we are kind to one another. Three general reasons why we are kind.

That sucks, right? To know that a lot of the kindness is the world is motivated by seemingly ulterior reasons.

And..it’s so subtle right the distinction? Kindness is good…but kindness for the wrong reasons? Maybe not as good.

So, how can we tell the difference? How do we tune into true kindness?

Well, first off a disclaimer. I feel there is nothing wrong with wanting something…or even fearing something..in another. These are natural human motions I feel we’re on the planet to play out and discover.

The key is whether we are limited by these, or can we see past them. Can we tune into our higher-level respect and love?

We can tune into true respect by paying attention to how we react when the tables turn. When the tide shifts. When intimidation has gone or the object of desire is shattered.

When the object of fear disappears, how do we treat another?
When the object of want disappears, how do we treat another?
How do we maintain our center of gravity during this shift of contexts?

The degree of consistency of our respect when we don’t get what we want, or when we no longer fear another, is the degree of genuine respect we have for not just another, but for humanity as a whole, I feel.

The wisdom of the principle of “love your enemies” comes from this. It’s easy, almost cheap, to respect our friends….but to respect our enemies. That is the challenge to our soul.