Forgiveness and Multiple Perspectives

The ideal of forgiveness, promoted by many well known spiritual figures, including and especially Jesus Christ, is universally accepted a a key quality of spiritual development. The ability to move past grudges and bitterness, though prized by many, is however achieved by few. Even the most sincere of us have problems with our inability to forgive others who we might have felt wronged or betrayed us.

That’s where a comprehensive sense of multiple perspectives comes into play. The continuous realization that each and every one of us can see something others can’t, yet are also blind to something others can see, is the fundamental bedrock of cultivating spiritual qualities like forgiveness. As we realize our own limitations and blindspots, we can much more be able to accept the limitations of others. From this standpoint, or vantage point, we can help each other mature and mature, as well as let go of what’s needed to drop.

Ranjeeth Thunga