Integral Math Basics Part 1 – 1p, 2p, 3p REPOST


IMPP part 1: Basic Persons: “1p”, “2p”, “3p” (draft)

Integral Mathematics of Primordial Perspectives (IMPP for short) is a form of mathematics that dissects the different points of views or perspectives we have. By teasing apart patterns in thought and communications based on the inherent perspectives, we can go a long way towards clarifying fuzz in our thoughts and dialogue.

Right now, much of our communications is plagued by misunderstanding and miscommunication. So much of our dialogue doesn’t land with who we are communicating with, and it can and does result in conflict from personal disagreement to international warfare.

I came across Ken Wilber’s outline of primordial perspectives on the website called “Integral Mathematics of Primordial Perspectives “.

While a quick look at the primer above might seem daunting, IMPP is actually quite a simple concept to get an initial sense of. How simple?  Let’s break apart ourselves into ‘persons’:

1p – 1st person (me)
2p – 2nd person (you)
3p – 3rd person (he/she)

By simply breaking ourselves apart into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd persons, we’re immediately able to notice explicitly where possible misunderstandings might lie — is what we’re referring to something that refers to me, something that refers to you, or something that refers to someone else?

You might be thinking this is common sense and what I just described is nothing new. And you’re right — this is the starting point of IMPP. What I’m exploring with these articles builds on this core foundation and explores the vast array of combinations, permutations, and dimensions of perspectives that come out of this.