Life Experience Requires Reflection

Life experiences have little significance by themselves. Only through reflection does their value come forth.

So then, what is reflection? Reflection is envisioning the total 360 of a given life experience. It is envisioning the good and bad, painful and pleasurable, pleasant and unpleasant, echoes of the experience.

Without 360 reflection, our attempts to see further and farther in life inevitably fall short, and eventually fall apart. However, through 360 reflection, we fill out the experience, thus fulfilling its purpose in cultivating our maturity. Through maturity, we invariably see one step further and farther than we could before — an ‘n+1’.

Reflection is never-ending. However, the more we fill out the 360, the greater our maturity, and the more fulfilling our life process.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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