Some Lives Suited for Meditation?

Chinese man in blue pondering his life.A question that comes up for me quite often is whether some life circumstances are better suited for meditation or not. Would we be better off with a life of wealth, broad experiences, and fame? Or are we better off with more humble means and expression? Is meditation more successful in perfect health? Or is one more successful wrestling with challenging psychological and/or physical traumas.

Ultimately, I keep returning to the conclusion that in meditation, we simply work with what we have. The question itself is not only moot but unanswerable.

For each life advantage, there are experiences we move through and learn from. For each life disadvantage, there are experiences we move through and learn from. Each success, something to learn from. Each failure, something to learn from. Adoration and fortune — something to learn from. Condemnation and destitution — something to learn from. Lots of friends — we learn from them. Lots of enemies — we learn from them too.

The only quality that does seem to be linked to meditation is some sort of paradoxical conundrum. Other than that, we simply move through all other questions about which life is more conducive or less conducive. Our job is solely to work with what we got, in line with our desires, resting in the realization that the question itself simply doesn’t have, or need, an answer.


Ranjeeth Thunga
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