Pre-Session (Intro)

  • We introduce the basic principles, tenets, and work of Perspective Mapper.
  • This pre-session can be done either in-person or phone-call.
  • It will be done either by Perspective Analyst or assistant.
  • We make sure this work is a good fit and feels right.
  • If all is good, we ask for a payment at this time.

Session (Dialog)

  • We arrange a dialog with you at a comfortable time and location.
  • We have an enriching conversation about your perspectives in gentle, precise depth.
  • This helps bring to the surface details of who you are.
  • Eventually the dialog can also include your group, community, or parties in conflict.
  • If you are receiving additional documentation, we ask for a payment for this at this time.

Post-Session (Analysis)

  • We use the details from our session to create a Perspective Report and Map.
  • This contains a clear breakdown of your perspective and how it might relate to others.
  • If you’ve chosen additional documentation, we provide these at this time.
  • You will get additional clarity and reference.
  • Here’s a sample of a mini Perspective Map and mini Perspective Report.

(and repeat)

  • We repeat steps one and two till you feel your perspective is clear and reaffirmed.
  • We can also revisit your perspective on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.