Meditation Charts

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Charting out my day has been a massively ego-shredding, massively elucidating process. I would say this is practically a requirement for all of us who live chaotic life patterns and pursue a meditation practice (96% of us).

What I have been doing is chart, simply, what I am going through every half hour during the full 24 hour cycle. After each day, or two, I make connections between different facets of the day – I note what experiences I went through and how they are connected with what other experiences I went through. By doing this, I can clearly see the links between seemingly unrelated life experiences. I can see far clearer patterns between diet, mood, sleep, health, activity, equanimity, awareness…and dukkha. These are patterns I simply would not see had I simply relied on a heuristic recollection or summary of what I was assumed I experienced that day.

Without integrating tools like active charting and journaling, many meditation systems simply fall right into the hands of our ego, which is very good at distorting and exaggerating what we actually went through, especially internally. Meditation can easily end up relegated to the role of  daily ‘hit dispenser’, rather than integrator, discoverer, and realizer of truth.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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