For Humanity

Our job is to help all of us reconcile the conflicting perspectives we as human beings struggle with. These includes mapping out the religious, political, social, educational, cultural and philosophical conflicts we face on a global scale, as well as relationship, psychological, and spiritual conflicts we face day-to-day.

Our work takes the form of content maps on our site, as well as other sites. These maps look at conflict from a  higher vantage point, finding similarities and identifying distinctions between seemingly conflicting points-of-view.

To actually integrate these perspectives, we want to present a meditation practice that can help us transcend conflicting points of view.

For Our Clients

In addition, we provide the following services for paying clients. We offer a really convenient monthly subscription package that every week offers you questionnairs, games, challenges, questions, and dialogs with a Perspective Mapper. Or, if you prefer, we offer one-time sessions as well.

1. Sessions

We provide analysis sessions to help you flesh out who you are. This includes fleshing out your connection to your core. This inventory can come in handy in finding you personal compass, hiring the right employees, defining your culture, transcending judgments, and unraveling your psychological and spiritual DNA.

2. Workshops

We conduct interactive workshops to help inculcate perspective analysis theory, practice, and tools. This will help you cultivate a deeper, broader and more substantive life perspective that transcends categories or metrics. We can adapt our workshops to a variety of backgrounds to promote inter-perspective dialog..

3. Communications Help

To organizations that align with our vision, we provide additional offerings to help you communicate your true perspective. This includes content writing, voiceovers, presentations, and speeches for you that can help you articulate your true intentions. In addition, we can leverage our relationships from across the world to introduce you to business and personal partners for you and your organization.

What are you waiting for? No seriously, what are you waiting for? I’m curious. 🙂

Contact me and let me know!

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Mapper