Overall Roadmap

We live in an society where we have tools and resources to resolve conflicts and precisely collaborate with each other, with minimal tension and maximum, mutual respect.




This work breaks into four separate areas.


I. Perspective Mapper


Provide consulting sessions for individuals and groups know themselves and each other more deeply. This involves helping uncover their goals, vision, unique insights and beliefs, in work, life, and communication. We use a variety of tools including mind maps, dialog, and tarot cards. This work is one-on-one and group format, and involves heavy content creation (blog, e-materials) and joint-ventures.
Revenue: Consulting, Workshops, and Content Sales & Marketing
Model: Proprietary Tools and Approach


II. Perspective Base


Build a database of perspectives that can provide deep insights on uncovering root sources of human conflict, inner and outer. This will  include the development of an AI Engine to both collect and analyze the data.
Revenue: ads, sponsors, partners, or preferred placement.
Model: Open source, open access


III. OpenKonnect – Directory of Perspective Workers


Establish an organic directory of mediators, psychologists, social scientists, political, military, and religious figures. It will provide resources to help individuals and groups resolve conflict and understand themselves.
Revenue: ads, sponsors, partners, or preferred placement.
Model: Open Source, Open Access


IV. OpenKonnect – Directory of Startups


An evolution of the T-Hub Peer Group, this is an organic directory of startups that can help us form alliances for leverage, mutual help, sharing ideas and active collaboration.
Revenue: ads, sponsors, partners, or preferred placement.
Model: Open Source, Open Access




Anyone who’d like to take avail of my consulting services, please feel free to be in touch. I am offering special Indian rates at 60% discount.




I’d be happy to provide any general perspective to startups.




Anyone who is interested in collaborating on any of these projects, please feel free to get in touch.




I have tremendous insights and very broad angle on various aspects of life, business, spirituality and relationships based on the premise of valuing deeply our own perspective as well as respecting the perspective of others.




Consistency — I still would say my mind and mental capacity is not yet 80% consistent (my target). I’m working hard on this, but I’m not there yet.


Connecting with Preexisting Contacts I’ve made — I met many, many people over the last year, many of whom expressed deep interest in working together. I didn’t have a solid process for integrating contacts till recently. I feel I’m in a good place right now. My goal is to reconnect with backlog of contacts I’ve made.




As we evolve and as society evolves, the projects can pivot towards address deeper  types and broader forms of conflict, inner and outer.