Pain is our friend

My recent contemplations have been about pain — these have been leading to a total reinterpretation of what pain is, and what its role is, on our life journey. Pain, far from being a curse, is actually our constant ally, working to transcend misery and suffering each and every moment.

Pain keeps us fixed in the moment. The suffering we associate with pain is, in actuality, caused by our ego denying the situation we currently are in, instead reaching for a fantasy or imagined bliss that doesn’t exist.

We often trash pain and try to quell, squash, or eliminate it. Yet, pain is ultimately not the culprit at all. So, next time you experience pain, dwell on where your resistance, your fear of pain, or your ego is in fact causing your actual suffering. Also, dwell on how pain is keeping you grounded. You might find that pain, moment by moment, is actually your best friend on your life journey.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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