Pain vs. Suffering…World’s Apart

What determines if a being survives or dies? Pain.






If we didn’t feel stomach pain, we would eat poisonous food and get sick.
If we didn’t feel pain when our leg is wounded, we would wear out it out and break it.
If we didn’t feel psychological pain, we would stay in mental loops forever.
If we didn’t feel social pain, we would abuse others to no end.
If we didn’t feel spiritual pain, we’d be stuck in shallow, petty crap for our entire life.

So, there’s an evolutionary purpose to pain — it ensures our survival, evolution and continual maturity.

Then…what is suffering? Why are we suffering when we feel pain?

We suffer because we have the notion we shouldn’t have to go through pain — our ego at work.
We suffer because we compare our lives to those who don’t “appear” to feel pain — our ego at work again.
We flail trying to fight the pain, fix the pain, treat the pain, numb the pain…at best temporarily push the pain back for another day — our ego at work again, trying to manipulate the laws of nature itself.
We take short-term escapes, long-term escapes, drown in hobbies or addiction…when all we’re called to do is listen to the pain.

Pain wants us become wise.
Pain helps us be humble, be grateful, be kind.
Pain helps us stay healthy, diligent, and present.
Pain is our friend, and our teacher.

Our ego, ultimately, is the root of all suffering, not pain.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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