Perspectives and Transcendence

When we start to cultivate a deeper sense of, and ownership of, our own perspective, a funny thing happens — we are able to sense and feel the contrasting perspective as well.

We start to realize that our perspective plays a mirror to those around us — it is not, and can never be, independent of other perspective that permeate the world.

How might this be represented?

  • Two opposing generals intimately sense the workings of each other’s strategy during war.
  • Two lovers intimately sense the desires of each other’s bodies.
  • A cop and a criminal intimately understand the workings of each other’s approach to a heist.
  • Two political opponents intimately understand where and how each other will approach the debate.

We all know this, and sense this, and plan for this. Personal expertise is little else but this.

Yet, a fundamental immaturity still permeates society in that we don’t necessarily realize our perspective simply falls into this much larger, overarching, universal wall of mirrors.

As we as a society more and more deeply realize this, the paradigms of prejudice and superiority stemming from the views we hold will start to break down.

We ultimately realize our perspective is simply a contrast to another perspective…it couldn’t be anything but.

Ranjeeth Thunga