Merged In

Last week I decided to merge the entire contents of another site of mine,, into the project. After conversations with two very good friends, Jerry and Mike, I concluded that the clarity of internal perspectives, that good meditation should bring, and clarity of social perspectives, really go hand-in-hand.

While I thought that the topics were different enough last year, I was finding that the only meaningful meditation possible was one that helped us clearly sift through the various contrasting perspectives within ourselves as well. I was having less and less faith in a net value and collective benefit of a meditation that didn’t engage the issue of contrast inside ourselves directly as part of the practice. Thus, what I was calling prime meditation was morphing into something I am now starting to call Perspective or Perspective Mapping Meditation (PM Meditation for short).

At this point, contains an additional 30-40 blog articles or so, mostly dated from 2011, that focus on meditation. Additionally, posts, tweets, and any other research or writings moving forward will address meditation as part and parcel with the mission and objectives of

Ranjeeth Thunga