The following principles guide this effort:

Inner vs. Outer

The focus of perspective mapper is to work inside ourselves to develop a broader perspective. It is very much an inner process.

Each perspective has value

Each perspective has the right to exist, and each perspective has a certain value to humanity. No perspective is marginalized. We include perspectives that might seem disagreeable, unpopular, critical, unnecessary or irrelevant.

Some perspectives are more mature

That said, there are mature perspectives, and less mature perspectives. Mature perspectives are broader, deeper, clearer, and more open to discussion than less mature ones. Simply put.

Civil, Unloaded conversation

Dialog should be civil, courteous, and non-personal. Otherwise, we should hold our tongue. This is not censorship. Rather, it is ensuring a raw, loaded perspectives is expressed in a form that can be processed by all parties. Loaded dialog is hard, if not impossible, for another party to respond to. Loaded dialog puts up barriers, instead of removing them.


Our work doesn’t attempt to scapegoat anyone, nor is it to find out who is to blame or free from blame. The goal of this work is to map out the full set of perspectives at play.

Beyond Judgment

Our role isn’t to judge the merits of one perspective over another. Rather, our role is uncover a fuller, clearer picture than what we might have had.

Comprehensive (vs. Objective) Perspective

Rather than define an objective or neutral perspective, we aim to build a ‘comprehensive perspective’ that captures the various subjective and objective perspectives available.

True “diversity and inclusion”

“Diversity and Inclusion” is a buzz-phrase for encouraging different perspectives to come together in harmony. However, these initiatives have stopped short at simply including certain surface qualities, such as skin color or body features. True integration of different perspectives, including diversity of intelligence types, personalities, life goals, relationship types, communication styles, political views, and spiritual appreciation, is what we seek here.

Integrally Informed

Our approach is partially founded on Integral Theories, including philosophers such as those of Ken Wilber, especially the Integral Mathematics of Primordial Perspectives. We are looking to leverage the collective of human intelligence to step into higher perspectives.

Continuous Evolution

We’re not going to perfectly represent all perspectives in a given situation with absolute certainty. Perspectives continue to have some level of uncertainty and room for maturation and evolution. Perspective Mapping thus will always be process of continuous clarification.

Transparent / Open Standards / Open Source

This project hopes to be transparent as much as possible. This will allow the right partnerships to be formed. And, as much as possible, we hope to embrace open data and data standards, respecting privacy concerns.