Resonating Perspectives

A resonant perspective is one that is in harmony with our own. In dialog for instance, when we hear a statement that in some ways taps into an experience we ourselves have, we have such a sense of resonance. Resonating perspectives might not even be the same as our own…just on a wavelength that synergistically vibrates with ours.

Resonance is not equivalent to agreement, I must make clear.  Resonance is a match on a  a vibratory level, whereas agreement is a deemed match on a cognitive process level. They certainly can overlap, but resonance has the sense of ‘synchronicity’ or ‘click’ to it, whereas agreement generally has some processing component – a statement is first determined to be in line to our own before we agree.

The music and sound analogies of these terms work very well in describing the felt experience of how our perspectives mesh, or don’t mesh, with others.  Resonance is a deeper level of ‘feeling out’ an interaction and the perspectives involved beyond what we might be used to.

Ranjeeth Thunga