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  • Integral Diagrams – While both this site and the website are deprecated, there still are a bunch of cool diagrams to be found.

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Tools I Use

  • Evernote is a free tool I used to manage thousands of notes, insights, and perspectives.  It has an upgraded premium addition as well.
  • OneNote is another note-taking tool from Microsoft for organizing notes and perspectives. It isn’t as easy to organize/sort individual notes as Evernote, but it’s very nice in being able to sift and sort notes, making crude visual maps.
  • Todoist is a universally accessible, silky-smooth task management system that integrates with Microsoft Outlook
  • Firefox is the most extensible browser on the planet, with the most honorable mission statement and values of ensuring the Web stays a public, universally accessible resource.
  • DropBox is a tool I use I use to store all my computer documents on the cloud for backup and retrieval from different devices.
  • DropTask I use to get a visual layout of the different tasks and projects I am working on.
  • Office 365 I use Microsoft’s full suite of office tools for writing documents, creating spreadsheets, and organizing my email. Its feature-set is mostly stagnant..but still the de-facto standard for me.
  • WIndows 10 Microsoft Windows 10 is stable, universal, takes advantage of multiple displays and format, and fast.