December 6th, 2018

I’ve migrated all the content that I wanted to from various projects I worked on in the past. Hovever, I have to still clean up and sharpen a lot of the content. I will be doing so over the rest of 2018.

This includes:

  • Internal Depth
  • Perspective Base
  • Perspective Link
  • Gigaversity
  • Liazzone
  • Offer Myself
  • Open Konnect

I will be creating a link to the original (version 1) website. I may or may not integrate the original content into the site. Probably not at this stage, to make a clean break between earlier work and current work.

In addition, I have the website, which I am leaving as a standalone site. This reflects the lifestyle I am cultivating behind-the-scenes. This is a companion site to PerspectiveMapper.

I have also today upgraded the site to WordPress 5.0. This appears to make the site run faster, crisper, cleaner.