Ranjeeth Thunga (Perspective Report)

I’m a Perspective Analyst and have dedicated my life towards understanding perspectives in breadth and depth. I’ve spent well over a decade exploring these topics and have written thousands of pages of personal reflection. Meditation, reflection, introspecting, writing, and dialog have been primary tools of mine.

I’m committed to the process of self-realization. My desire is to fully realize the nature of consciousness in this lifetime. I try to be as simple and straightforward as I can, without dumbing down my tone. I try to learn from each conversation I have and try to exchange meaningful insights in each interaction.

My formal education is graduating with a Psychology degree from Johns Hopkins University with a near-record course-load and various research projects, as well as working as a technology consultant at Fund for the City of New York. Here I worked through a variety of technology process challenges with dozens of organizations. I am a proponent of open-standards including HumanML and StratML, and enjoy living as simple and balanced as I can. I’ve gone through severe physical and mental health challenges…and have been coming through all the wiser. I look forward to traveling the world and soaking in perspectives of different cultures and lifestyles.

Shireen Kaul


Hello everyone! My name is Shireen Kaul and I am currently a psychology student at University of California Riverside. I was born and raised in California, but I am of Indian (Kashmiri) origin, so I had the privilege of growing up with two cultures. I’m fascinated by human behavior, and am always looking to hear about people’s unique life stories and experiences.  As of right now, my future plan is to pursue a Marriage and Family Therapy graduate degree.


I’m very passionate about women empowerment, politics, and mental health awareness. One of the reasons I was drawn to work with Perspective Mapper is because the principles of the company appreciate and value every individual’s unique perspective. I feel that humans are constantly pressured to fit in certain categories and labels, and in my opinion that can create a lot of uncertainty and confusion in one’s life. I also was excited by the fact that I would have the opportunity to work in India. It gave me the chance to have conversations with a variety of people, and helped me understand the perception of psychology and mental health in India.