Four Tenets


The four tenets of Perspective Mapper are simple:

1) Value your own perspective.

2) Respect and learn from other points-of-view.

3) Find space in your perspective to grow.

4) Express your perspective.

These tenets allow clearer thoughts, feelings, choices, and words.

In fact, these tenets are so simple except for one major issue: we probably never formally learned or practiced them in our education.

Thus, we often suppress our perspective out of fear or pressure. We crowd out other points-of-view, discredit each other, or try to persuade each other that their views are incorrect. We misunderstand and misinterpret each other constantly and seal our ears to alternate points-of-view.

Our role models, including world leaders, corporate heads, lawmakers, business owners, and parents, often haven’t learned perspective management either.

While we’ve evolved much in terms of technology, I feel we’re still learning the basics of relating to other perspectives, and owning our own.

The fate of the planet, I feel, rests in our ability to embody the skills of perspective management.

The map above shows a basic depiction of these perspectives. The audio recording reviews these in more detail.

I hope you enjoy and value this work. Feel free to be in touch.

Ranjeeth Thunga