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The content provided on Perspective Mapper’s website is for general information and use, and is subject to change. Perspectives evolve over time, as well as all the material on the site.

We are not liable for your use of any information provided on the website. This information is a representation of the perspectives of the team, which are limited and partial by nature.

The Perspective Mapper website material is owned by us. We adhere however to the Creative Commons Attribution License. So long as you properly link back to this material, you are welcome to share it.

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Before Sessions

When you book your session, you will receive a confirmation e-mail as well as info about payments. We will ask that you either sign the document or reply to the email notifying us that you understand all payment logistics, T&C, and privacy guidelines involved at least 24 hours in advance.


As stated on our website, we ask for the session payments at least 24-hours before the sessions and we confirm payment upon receiving the payment. The payments can be made directly or through a third-party payment gateway. This would be PayPal, Citrus, or bank involved. Financial transactions and their security are securely managed by these third-parties.

We ask that if your foresee your session having to be cancelled, you notify us as soon as possible. If the cancellation is made less than 24 hours in advance, then there is no refund available as we will have committed to the logistics.

Financial Privacy

We do not collect any financial details from you. We are not liable for financial transactions conducted through our third-party gateways.

Perspective Privacy

Information collected from you we commit to keeping private and confidential to the fullest degree possible, if you so deem. This includes notes, recordings, maps, and reports. Even if government bodies request any information, we intend to stand by the privacy of your information to the fullest degree possible.

Security is maintained by our third-party tools we’ve vetted to provide an exceptional level of encryption and security. These include DropBox, Microsoft, Evernote, and Google, among other reputable firms.

That said, while we do our very best, at the end of the day no company can 100% predict or safeguard against every possible scenario. Thus, we are not liable for any privacy-related issues, either through breach of our servers or through accidents that could inadvertently happen. Please use this to determine what you share accordingly.

Before each session, you will be requested to either orally agree or sign a confidentiality agreement where you will have the option to keep your information confidential, anonymous, or public. You may upon request receive an electronic copy of this, and Perspective Mapper may keep one electronic copy as well.