Ranjeeth has been a blessing in my life since 2012 and in that time, I’ve seen his wonderful project Perspective Mapper take real shape.  Understanding and being able to literally “map out” other people’s perspectives while maintaining a perspective on a particular situation is crucial to maturing and to being committed to trying to understand others and to trying to become a better human being.  Ranjeeth’s project is helpful from the smallest community issue to the largest social issues that heads of state are trying to solve.  Perspective Mapper takes on a real force when meditation is included as it’s key to be able to meditate and allow wonderful thoughts and epiphanies to enter one’s mind and imagination during a period of strife or the such.  Perspective Mapper should be standard across a litany of companies, organizations, communities, and schools worldwide.

Michael Hoeft
Founder/Trader at Ramarcher Trading,
Serial Entrepreneur

Jack Canfield / Ranjeeth ThungaRanjeeth is doing phenomenal work bringing a needed understanding to our world with Perspective Mapper. It is a wonderful project that can help people in different countries appreciate new points-of-view.
Jack Canfield
Author “Chicken Soup for the Soul”
#1 New York Times Bestseller

Ranjeeth has a deep, welcoming presence that invites others to slow the mind and tune into themselves, and to share from this place within. He asks thoughtful and heartful questions and holds a space of acceptance for the process of others. He shares insight into his own process with clarity when applicable. I feel a strong connection with his soul and feel blessed by his presence whenever I am with him.

Brian Porter
Star Ambassador, Soul Time International

“The perspective mapping process has the potential to be a powerful tool for facilitating positive change in this world. When one goes thru this process, you can often identify hidden core values and issues that directly relate to real world problems., This also helps address deep seated belief systems and patterns that I believe to be the underlying stumbling blocks to change and prosperity.”

Jack Lanni
BOD Productions

We were familiar with other meditations in which  you either seek for a mindset – and open yourself to abundance or creativity or relaxation,  but this meditation was so different from those.  It is an exercise of making space for those big or little things that aggravate us  by allowing them to exist in your psyche.  You don’t have to get rid of them or run way from them by covering them over.  You just allow them to exist.  The same is true for distractions or noises during meditation.  By not seeking the “no-mind” of some meditations,  I found unspeakable joy within.   Oh sure, I can still get cranky, but only over the big stuff  which might need discussion with my partner.   The little aggravations are simply allowed to exist because I have ‘made space’ for them. This state of tolerance is achievable.  It feels very successful and that very feeling of success  allows me to  use the technique throughout the day.  In fact, I can joke about something that would ordinarily irritate me – I just say to my partner, “I’m making space – can’t you hear me breathing?”

Dug & Sandra Barber