The binary quality of perspectives

At one point, I used to say that perspectives can’t fit onto a scale – I used to say they are qualitative, not quantitative.

However, I’ve been reconsidering this position, as I’ve been finding each perspective has an equal and opposite counterbalance – I feel it’s built into the fabric of the universe.

Each perspective has it’s equal and opposite. However, when two perspectives are in relationship, there is automatic transcendence. Transcendence, while a concept that is often not helpful in the process, is the ultimate realization of truth, or non-duality, or non-separation of two counterbalanced perspectives.

The error comes, and the imbalance comes, and the whole host of societal ills come, when we try to assert our perspective as being superior to its counterbalanced perspective. No. It’s important to stand up for our own perspective to ensure it is properly represented, not to diminish its counterbalanced perspective in the process.

The superior perspective is ultimately not the one that is the better of the two equal and opposing perspectives, but the one that takes into account both perspectives.

Ranjeeth Thunga