The Inner Gradient

There is an inner gradient within us that seeks to keep us on the razor’s edge in life between extremes.

It is the perfectly balance that constantly pulls us out of passivity when too passive, or pulls us out of effort when we’re too active. It prevents us from getting caught in any behavioral or cognitive gutter.

Actually, it’s always at work, whether we’re aware or not. When we’re ignorant of it, however, our actions rebalance at a lower frequency. When we’re less ignorant, our actions rebalance at a higher frequency.

It is beyond description, and beyond evaluation. We can never point at someone, or ourselves, and determine what their inner gradient is. That being said, we can be guided by it, and let it move us, day in and day out.

The inner gradient is identical to the sweetspot I wrote about yesterday. The only difference is the perspective I’m describing it from. Sweetspot is something we (our egos) tune into. Gradient is something that we (our egos) are tuned by.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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