The Meaning of Spiritual Silence


Silence is both explicitly taught, and implicitly understood, to be central in the discovery of the Truth within. When there’s a lot of noise and chatter, it appears we aren’t able to make clear decisions and progress in our lives.

Yet, upon deeper meditation, we realize it’s not about literally being silent, but tuning into the silence within any manifestation, that allows us to see deeper, further, and broader within.

What do I mean? I mean that within the chaos, within the noise, within the chatter, within the words, and within the conflict itself, is the silence we’re looking for.

In other words, it isn’t necessarily about trying to make the world around us silent. That is suppression of expression and manifestation. Perhaps at a certain level, for a certain moment, we might find ourselves compelled to do so for a certain objective. However, that isn’t what spiritual silence actually means.

Spiritual silence is about tuning into the silence that is embedded within all manifestation, all concepts, all words, all actions, and all beings, at all times. It exists in the simplest of moments, as well as the most convoluted, disturbing, and complex situations we might find ourselves in.

Ranjeeth Thunga