The Process of Arriving

Many of us are sensitive to a deeper voice within us. That said, there are many reasons why find such a voice an annoyance or distraction in our life. Giving space to what we might truly be seeking to embody leads to a slew of inconveniences to our lifestyle, our relationships, and our fundamental perceptions about the world itself.

This dissonance appears too much to bear; too much to process. We might try to stuff this, arguably, more profound voice into a corner, letting our energy instead be defined by the day-to-day demands of the environment we’ve defined for ourselves instead.

However, the calling within us doesn’t simply give up. Sooner or later, this deeper yearning will tug at us again…and again…and again…in a way that might be even stronger or more deliberate each go around.

We might interpret this as some sort of self-sabotage — however, upon closer scrutiny, the pulls are actually leading us closer and closer to a truer, stronger, more authentic version of ourselves.

So we then reexamine our the deeper pulls, and allow them even more space to influence our decisions. Each time we do so causes some level of disruption and shakeup — in our career, in our relationships, and in our way of life. This inevitably causes misunderstandings and conflicting perceptions in the people around us.

However, this shake up leads us to find an ever deeper center of gravity. We’ll start to arrive at a place where we are naturally, automatically, inherently are expressing ourselves — our deeper selves — in our words, sentiments and expressions.

This is the process of arriving.

Ranjeeth Thunga