The Wisdom in Us All

We pedestalize the wisdom of the rich…but by and large we marginalize the wisdom of the poor. I’ve learned quite a bit from those who had little, and the times I had little — resourcefulness, temperament, humility, creativity, and the nature of judgment.

The loathing dumped on the poor is self-perpetuating, preventing those who have fewer physical resources from truly valuing their place in the world with the qualities they bring to the table.

And this– it’s not just poor, but anyone who isn’t configured ‘a certain way’ tends to have their qualities marginalized.

It’s tough to break the strong fixation on emulating those qualities of the obviously rich, beautiful, educated, or famous…but if we peer beneath the veneer of social stratification, we’ll find that wisdom lies in all humanity in all its stations, classes, and perspectives. Depending on what we’re going through, we’ll recognize the real wisdom and real beauty that’s meant for us to experience, whoever it is sharing it — millionaire, middle-class, or mendicant.

-Ranjeeth Thunga

(thx Victoria G for sharing the quote!)