Transcendence through Juxtaposition

fake rat by peter griffin -- pdTranscendence is realizing a cycle for what it is — a cycle. This involves seeing the cause and effect as non-separate from each other. When that realization occurs, for that moment, a new possibility arises. It’s as if our horizon expands and we can see one step further and farther. Until we realize the non-separation of cause and effect, we are forever chasing our own tail so to speak.

How do we see cause and effect as non-separate? The human faculty of anticipation. While many new-age teachings pedestalize the simplicity of an animal-like existence, it is actually our unique faculty as humans to anticipate future and remember past that allows us to juxtapose the cause and its effect into the same, simultaneous frame. This leads to transcendence.

Ranjeeth Thunga
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