Love is not the core value of just this work, but we feel life itself. Loving the True Self, and loving the True Self in each other, all others, to our capacity. What does this mean? It’s a lifelong discovery process. But its our capacity to perceive in each other that we are not fragmented and separate, but rather interconnected and complete. That I feel defines Love.


What is our perspective? What do we feel and know to be true within our heart, within our soul? Whatever that is, honor it. And never cede it out of pressure to fit in or to appease an authority, an organization, or a community. Mind you, we don’t advocate reckless defiance. Rather, we propose to establish at least for ourselves what we really think, feel, and believe in any situation. And act in accordance to what is best.


We respect different points-of-view, whatever they are. Or rather, we respect the human being behind it. Not that each point-of-view is mature and not that we have to agree. Far from it. Rather, by respecting a person’s perspective, we can put it in its proper place, establishing our respect for them as a person, and giving us the ability to step higher to see a broader outlook. Until we do so, our perspective will get stuck at the same level as the perspective we’re disrespecting.


That said, our perspective is constantly evolving, refining, and maturing. Each experience and each moment we don’t react to a given situation, we have the opportunity to upgrade and broaden our perspective. And that’s we believe is why we are even here on this planet.


Our perspectives need to be shared, need to be expressed with one another. Otherwise, we will not be able to learn and grow from each other. By expressing our perspective, we are sharing our wisdom for the benefit of others, and others share their reflection for the benefit of us.


The motivation of this work is not to attract attention to this effort, but rather to our principle of cultivating greater, broader perspectives. Thus, as much as possible, we hope to recognize, uplift, highlight, and integrate genuine work that’s being done throughout the globe to help bring a fuller, richer understanding of human perspectives.

Beyond Metrics

Psychometrics and behavioral metrics have a place in self-understanding. However, we hope to tap into our Consciousness to provide awareness on a felt-level

Common Truth

There is a common Truth of being human that we hope to uncover through this work.

Open Source

As the motivation of this work is greater awareness of who we really are, all the work done is open-source. We want others to benefit from our work, as we want to grow from the work we do.


At the same time, we respect the privacy of everyone who is involved in this work.

Self Realization

This work won’t stop till we bring out the reality of who we are, truly understanding who we are, with ever fiber of our being.


We seek to cultivate maturity in those we work with, which might or might not be linked to any tangible success criteria or metric.