Warfare … inevitable?

It’s hard to argue that the greatest threat to the survival of the human race isn’t our self-destruction through massive warfare. Yet, is such a risk inevitable?

We might assume that the threat of our annihilation¬†is simply a reality of the world we now live in. And, maybe it’s true. However, are we doing enough? Is each of us doing our part to make the world a safer place? Is each of us exploring new methods and ideas for diminishing the threat of our own destruction? Is each of us taking personal responsibility to diminish this threat, in each of our words and actions? Or…Is each of us simply massively sedated with pop-culture and pop-news to do nothing?

The answer is, frankly, that we’re not doing our part. Our focus firmly prioritizes keeping up with the latest winners of the reality programs we are watching, the movie stars we are following, and the soaring speeches of our favorite politician. Our priority in linking perspectives together in order to, for no other purpose than to prevent our own self-destruction, is simply, frankly, much much lower. We haven’t yet realized the power within us to find and explore solutions to this greatest of all threats to our existence.

Ranjeeth Thunga