Working on a Concept Disclaimer

After my post yesterday, it’s clear that a concept disclaimer is in order. I’ll be writing one up, and plan to add a link after each article, based on the points I share below…

When it comes to meditation, we ultimately can’t argue for or against any concept as correct or incorrect. Rather, we can only turn these concepts – think kebab rotating on a flame grill. It’s our job to keep turning, turning, and turning each concept till the entire concept is fully roasted, so to speak.

Over the course of this blog, I’ll be presenting meditation related concepts from unique points of view, showcasing familiar concepts from different lenses. By seeing new faces for familiar concepts, we ultimately can develop a better understanding of the nature of concepts, leading to transcendence of conceptualization itself — the point of meditation.

Hopefully I’ll create no new theories, but rather jog our current theories out of any ruts they might have found themselves in.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Concept Disclaimer – Please Read