Wrapping Up Perspective Mapper

Perspective Mapper represents my journey of reflecting on myself and others. However, I decided ultimately it’s time to shutter the project.

The work will continue, but under a new platform.

Why this decision?

Well…my own perspective has evolved a lot over the years. The vision for this work is clearer. My mind is sharper. I as a human being am far more mature. I know what works better and what doesn’t. I know better where my value and the value of this work best lies. And I have a stronger trust in God than ever.

And..this work should reflect this by starting fresh from the ground-up.

Thus, I feel it’s best shutting down Perspective Mapper and focusing on a completely revamped, open, comprehensive platform for disentangling conflicting perspectives.

PerspectiveMapper.com site will still be there. Whatever older content and resources on the site will all be available, but will no longer be updated. I’m shutting down my consulting and workshops as well, but will resurrect them later in a different form in the future.

All the best and asking for your blessings for the goodwill of this work. I hope to see you all in the next phase.

Ranjeeth Thunga
Perspective Analyst